Our vision

There is a movement happening in the Philippines. It is a steadily growing change creating awareness in human rights, freedom of expression, environmental issues and local industry empowerment, as well as the emergence of indie and contemporary art scenes. By embracing this new wave of influences and its diversity and inclusion of traditions in an innovative and creative manner, this ongoing movement keeps on redefining and reshaping the ‘Pinoy’ identity of today, which is anchored in Filipino culture and history and leading the way into the contemporary. 


We, at P-Noise, believe in the fierceness and liveliness of Filipino culture, from its traditional roots to its colorful contemporary, where its artistic scene has transcended the geopolitical borders of its territory. An ongoing movement, strongly rooted in the counter-culture of the seventies, art from the Philippines has in the past years created echoes that have reached beyond its boundaries, where countless artists have been invited, recognized and awarded at international festivals and exhibitions all around the world.

P-NOiSE is meant to be a platform for challenging and yet-to-be known Filipino artists to showcase and express their vision, and aims to grasp this exciting and groundbreaking movement and bring it to Scandinavia. We also aim to display Filipino culture and identity in its broadest and most genuine form by supporting and recognizing the contemporary works of these artists. We fully support this creative and innovative movement in art, music and film, which will ultimately grow stronger and even more challenging.