Sherwin Reyes & Nana Regner

Looking forward to see what steps NANA REGNER (DK) and SHERWIN DIANNA REYES (DK+PH) will take when they perform their duet in contemporary dance! Both incredibly talented women are located in Copenhagen – Nana at Danseuddannelsen, and Sherwin at The Danish National School of Performing Arts – but they draw on different cultural backgrounds once they join each other on the dancefloor. Imagine what it will be like?

Title: Symbiosis

Definition; a relationship between two people in which each person is dependent upon and receives reinforcement, whether beneficial or detrimental, from the other.

Our duet is inspired by the social development we as part of society are undertaking. How we in our most early years are in symbiosis with our surroundings, how we mirror and copy each other. We are social formed to learn the rules of society, and are cultivated through the schooling years. Our natural and primitive instincts such as spontaneity and fearlessness are kept back. Our ability to show our emotions to the extreme is also considered to be inappropriate. Through these years we are filled with social norms and traditions without questioning that reality can be many things. How ever in our teen years we start questioning life, and who we are. Most of us seek to be different to mark our individuality and to be independent. These years are filled with ups and downs, many tears and perhaps a body that is out of proportion: one arm longer than the other, breast that looks like snails and spotty greasy skin. To get to know one self one must go to the extreme to be able to find more peace in the future.

Styling by Eladia Euleen Dahl