Jaime Raphael Atienza

Jaime Raphael Atienza received his Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts major in Advertising from Technological University of the Philippines in 2013. He’s a native of Batangas and is now situated in Sta. Teresita, Quezon City, Philippines. He began as a Graphic Artist in various companies, but due to his passion and love for art and painting, he satisfied his drive and continued to create artworks. With every painting, he considers it his true calling.

In 2012, he was a finalist in the 28th Metrobank Art and Design Excellence and MACC Painting Competition. He was also a finalist for the Ali Mall Painting Competition. Among his group shows are Salut! Homage to Salvador Dali and Gustav Klimt at the Metro Gallery and Toyang in the same gallery (2013). Parallel Metaphors in Art Gallery Asia (2014). Homoestasis at the Art Cube Gallery, 2014. Paracosm in Cevio Art Haus in 2014.

Jaime Raphael Atienza rekindles the idea of resiliency in Filipinos through the juxtoposition of nature-inspired foliage and portraiture. His play with both balance and contrast of strong colors on a muted background suggest the idea of harmony between contrasting elements in his works as well as utilization of opposing theme for people to yield positive result.