Frank Callaghan

Frank Callaghan is a Filipino-British Manila-based artist known for his large-scale photographs of nighttime landscapes To communicate his ideas, Callaghan experiments with color, tone, line, shape, and shifted contexts. His shots almost never feature any people, yet their substance and subtext are human. Influenced early on by artists like Todd Hido and Gregory Crewdson who use long exposure and mixed lighting in their art, Callaghan’s work is made by drifting through empty landscapes at night to find places that resonate with his particular brand of significance.

Callaghan (b. 1980, England) grew up in Baguio City and pursued a Degree in Economics at the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania before becoming a full-time photographer. His work has been exhibited in Manila, Singapore, the US, Hong Kong, and Singapore. He was shortlisted for the Ateneo Art Awards in 2010 for Anatomy of Autonomy and in 2011 for Shattering States.